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NPT Achieves PCI DSS Certification for TOMS Platform


FUZHOU, CHINA, OCT 29, 2020 - Newland Payment Technology ("NPT") recently announced that its Terminal Operation Management System ("TOMS ") passed the PCI DSS certification, the top financial security institution, which means that all data on this management platform comply with data security standards for financial transactions, and comprehensively protected against any invasion.


TOMS is a powerful and insightful tool enabling clients to maximize their terminal potentials, adapt to various business scenarios, and reduce operating costs by aggregating information from different management platforms, presenting it in an easy-understood format, and tracking merchant performance. Customizable and adaptable, TOMS is set up according to each client's specific needs, conforming to their specific function and existing data structures. Cloud-based system, TOMS manages the security of the apps that are downloadable from a universal App Store and delivers other value-added services such as terminal management, terminal detection, position monitor, significantly simplify the deployment procedure, and help clients to achieve merchant success.


Louie Lu, Director of Global Market Department, commented on this news, "Data security plays a crucial role in every merchant, financial institution or other entities that stores, processes or transmits data digitally. TOMS is designed to help manage and interact with the aggregative information in real-time and in a more secure way so that our clients can develop more sophisticated management strategies and tactics."


About NPT

Newland Payment Technology (“NPT”) is the 2nd largest POS supplier worldwide, according to The Nilson Report 2018. NPT has increased significantly its geographical footprint in recent years. Building upon its heritage of innovation and value-added solutions, NPT aims to strengthen its position as a truly global leader within the secure payment world through the network of channel partners in more than 50 countries and its established offices in France (Europe), Brazil (Latin America), China and Hong-Kong (Asia Pacific). NPT is the fastest growing payment industry supplier with innovative R&D capabilities, world-class services and a rapidly growing worldwide network of sales and channel partners.