Newland NPT’s Cutting-edge Payment Solutions Capture Spotlight Stage in recent events

May 23,2024 News

Fuzhou, May 2024. Newland Payment Technology, a leading global provider of best-in-class payment devices and associated infrastructure solutions, demonstrated its next generation SmartPOS portfolio series onsite. Newland NPT Team have spent incredible days at NEAA 2024 in North America, AutoCom 2024 in Brazil, ETA Transact in North America, Retail Technology Show in UK in April and Seamless Middle East in Dubai in May.

As part of its international expansion, Newland Payment Technology is now fully committed making its advanced device technology available to merchants and payment service providers throughout all over the world. Most importantly, it's been fantastic to come together in-person once again, collaborating to transform the future of payments, fintech, banking, identity, retail, e-commerce, home delivery and digital marketing.

Newland NPT offers a range of sophisticated payment terminals that cater to various business needs. Their devices are known for their robust security features, seamless integration capabilities, and user-friendly interfaces. These terminals support multiple payment methods, including contactless payments, chip cards, and mobile wallets, ensuring a versatile and comprehensive solution for merchants.

At these events, we proudly showcased our cutting-edge N-series terminals and innovative payment solutions, igniting conversations with industry pioneers and thought leaders. Our commitment to driving fin-tech innovation remains unwavering, as we unveil purpose-built products poised to revolutionize businesses across diverse sectors. Moreover, we demonstrated the robust capabilities of our TOMS cloud-based service infrastructure.

As we continue our journey at the forefront of fin-tech innovation, we remain steadfast in our commitment to shaping a future where financial transactions are seamless, secure, and inclusive. Stay tuned for our next big event at NRF APAC in Singapore this June. Let's continue growing and achieving unparalleled success together!



Since 1994, Newland Payment Technology has been developing and deploying some of the world's most innovative and high-performance payment terminals, establishing itself as a global leader in the sector. From MPOS to SmartPOS, the company delivers millions of devices annually to some of the biggest acquirers, processors, and payment service providers worldwide. Designed for use in any customer-facing environment, from retail outlets and restaurants to public transport and delivery services, Newland NPT's secure payment devices facilitate seamless transactions and smooth interaction between consumers and merchants.

With a presence in 100 countries and 1,100 employees globally, Newland Payment Technology is a member company of Newland Technology Group and a fully owned subsidiary of Newland Digital Technology Co., Ltd. (SZE-000997).

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