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Newland NPT has a customer-centric approach to support, providing customers and partners with a broad range of services, solutions, tools and processes, managed by a highly responsive and well-trained customer support team. Through its extensive technical support services, Newland NPT is able to help development partners deliver high quality and feature-rich applications that can be certified and run across our comprehensive range of payment devices.


We provide a wide range of technical training sessions (online or in-person), allowing customers and partners to acquire essential knowledge and skills on application development, key loading, terminal management, device repair etc.

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Training Topics

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  • Bank Template

    Bank Template

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  • APP Signature

    APP Signature

  • Key Loading

    Key Loading

  • Repair Training

    Repair Training


Our dedicated service team provides consultancy services for hardware, software or operational issues, including technical analysis, configuration assistance, operational improvement, and training. Additionally, our global service network includes affiliated and fully authorized repair centers which are able to conduct full device maintenance and reworking activities, including secure key loading and tamper-clearing.

Product Support Policy

We do our best to provide continuous security updates for our products. The security updates generally include the latest security patches, security vulnerability fixes, and other security improvements. Typically, we will maintain the security updates for at least 3 years after the first shipment of a certain device model.

Please refer to this list for the specific maintenance cycles of our products.

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