No Fear of Severe Environments,
Innovation of Unattended Payment

Superior Performance

Based on the high-powered platform composed of an advanced processor and large memory, U1000 responds to every instruction instantly, giving a frictionless payment experience.

Durability & Robustness

U1000 is a reliable POS terminal built with durability and severe outdoor environments in mind. Approved by IP56* & IK10, U1000 can maintain its function despite high usage in severe outdoor situations such as wind, rain and frost.

Ultra Interactive Touch Experience

High-resolution Display

enhanced with capacitive multi-touch screen and PIN on glass,
provides clients with a smoother interactive experience on the fingertips.

  • 3.5-inch


  • High-resolution


All-in-one Payment

Packed with various card readers and an optional front scanner,
U1000 accepts all mainstream payment methods

Certified with major financial security institutions,
U1000 can secure your every transaction.

Flexible Connectivity

Various peripheral ports,
including the standard MDB interface

Help U1000 to be integrated into any kiosk systems freely
and fulfil business demand in any from.

Extensive Adaptability

This versatile product can be applied to various business scenarios perfectly.

Vending Machine丨Ticketing丨Laundromat

Technical Specifications


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