Newland NPT, Pivot Fintech, and Sinopay Group Forge Strategic Tripartite Partnership at NRF APAC

Jun 14,2024 News

Newland NPT, Pivot Fintech, and Sinopay Group have announced a strategic tripartite partnership during the NRF APAC exhibition, focusing on digital transformation, sustainability, and AI (Artificial Intelligence) innovation. This collaboration represents a significant milestone in advancing these crucial areas, combining their expertise and resources to accelerate digital transformation, promote sustainability, and harness AI across various industries.


Each company brings unique strengths to the partnership:

Newland NPT: Renowned for its cutting-edge payment acceptance technology.

Pivot Fintech: Specializes in advanced digital investment management platforms.

Sinopay Group: Offers expert merchant acquiring services.

Together, these companies aim to transcend geographical boundaries and drive impactful results. They are committed to enhancing financial inclusivity and accessibility, fostering entrepreneurship, and stimulating innovation. This partnership is poised to create a lasting legacy of positive change, starting in Singapore and extending the APAC region.

By joining forces, Newland NPT, Pivot Fintech, and Sinopay Group demonstrate their confidence in their collective capabilities and shared vision. Their collaboration is expected to lead to opportunities in digital finance, sustainable practices, and AI-driven solutions, benefiting industries and communities in the APAC region.

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