Newland Payment Technology empowers payment services at the FISU World University Games

May 09,2023 News

On the evening of August 8, the 31st FISU World University Games, affectionately known as the "Universiade," concluded with resounding success in Chengdu. Youthful athletes from across the globe converged in Chengdu to celebrate the sporting spirit. As the official banking partner for the Chengdu Universiade, ICBC played a pivotal role by ensuring comprehensive payment acceptance for this prestigious international sports event. Newland Payment Technology also played its part, facilitating ICBC's seamless payment services for the Universiade.

In this collaborative effort, Newland Payment Technology, in conjunction with ICBC, established a specialized task force to address the specific requirements of this international competition. These requirements included wildcard payment and digital renminbi transactions. Leveraging the N910 Pro SmartPOS terminal, Newland Payment Technology supported a range of transactions, including wildcard, digital renminbi transactions, and scanning, while ensuring a secure and convenient payment experience. These services were seamlessly supported across multiple scenarios, including hotels, restaurants, and retail establishments in the Universiade Village as well as outside it.

The N910 Pro portable SmartPOS and one of Newland’s flagship devices, offers enhanced speed, superior reliability and a highly interactive user experience, helping merchant users offer a seamless payment experience to their customers.

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