NewlandNPT CEO Jian Lin visits South America

Sep 05,2023 News

In August, CEO Jian Lin and members of the executive management team from Newland Payment Technology embarked on a visit to some of the main markets in South America, which included a significant stop-over at the Newland office in Brazil.

Newland has in recent years established itself as a key player in delivering cutting-edge payment device solutions to the large and dynamic Brazilian market. During this visit, Mr. Lin and Newland’s management team had the privilege of recognizing acknowledging the remarkable contribution made by the Brazilian team, which has greatly contributed to the company's international growth.

Gilson Carvalho, NewlandNPT’s Managing Director in Brazil, extended a warm welcome to the company’s senior management team, sharing insights into the Brazilian payments landscape, and outlining some of the key growth initiatives in progress.

Having successfully concluded their visit to Brazil, the Newland management team continued their trip to some of the other key markets with Argentina providing the next stop.

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And so the curtain falls on Money 20/20 Europe in Amsterdam!

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